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Ambassador Gas Heaters


The Ambassador series from Embassy offers heating professionals a choice of gas fired, floor or wall-mounted space heaters with built-in domestic hot water. The direct vent, sealed combustion AXIA Combi and BMS Combi incorporate the very latest in hydronic heating technology and are available in ratings from 50,000 BTU/HR to 160,000 BTU/HR. Compact, lightweight and sophisticated, Ambassador heaters benefit both the installer and the user by providing the ultimate in quality and reliability with ease of installation and service.

The Ambassador's copper tube heat exchanger is manufactured using a unique patented design and is engineered for low hydraulic resistance, generating extra heat transfer for optimum efficiency. Embassy supports the heat exchanger with a limited lifetime warranty. Ambassador heaters are manufactured exclusively for Embassy by Cosmogas, a leading manufacturer of hydronic heating equipment in Europe.

The Ambassador's lightweight design and small footprint provides flexibility when installing the unit, while the interior layout allows for easy maintenance. In addition, the heaters are pre-plumbed and pre-wired, leaving only connections to the main electrical, gas and water supplies.

To the homeowner, Ambassador heaters are not only quiet, dependable and efficient, they are more attractive and require less space than conventional boilers. And there is comfort in knowing that the sealed combustion heat exchanger provides the ultimate in safety while providing efficient central heating and economical hot water supply.


One of the key benefits of the Ambassador heaters is the ease and speed of installation. They are lightweight (weighing approximately 150 lbs.) and require only direct connections to the electrical, gas and water supplies. The Ambassador has been designed to make the installer's job as simple as possible.

Heat Exchanger...

Both the AXIA and BMS Combi units incorporate a high-efficiency patented copper tube heat exchanger with greater heat transference, which is far more efficient than most conventional designs.

Direct Vent, Sealed Combustion...

A coaxial vent allows both fumes to be expelled and combustion air to be drawn from outdoors.

Automatic Ignition...

Eliminates the need for a standing pilot.

Diagnostic Indicator Lights...

Includes power, purge, igniter, gas valve, aquastat and thermostat indicators.

User Benefits...

Simple and convenient controls provide easy, trouble-free operation.

Quality Components...

All units are equipped with high quality components, including Honeywell gas valves, Grundfos circulators and quiet, efficient stainless steel burners.

Completely Pre-Assembled...

There's no additional trim package to purchase or install. The expansion tank, circulator, air vent, A/C power switch, temp/pressure gauge, relief valve and domestic hot water are all standard equipment.

Ambassador Gas Hot Water Heater (Boiler)
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