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Certification for boilers with efficiencies exceeding 90% AFUE

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Onex Condensing Boilers

Onex High Efficiency Gas Boiler for domestic heating and hot water Onex condensing boiler package


Embassy's Onex condensing "combi" boiler package provides all of your hot water needs. Its space saving wall-hung design provides high efficient space-heating of 93% AFUE as well as instantaneous domestic hot water production of over 4 gallons per minute eliminates the need for an additional hot water storage tank.

All essential boiler components including the domestic hot water coil, mounted and wired circulator pump and the expansion tank are neatly enclosed in the Onex's attractive sound attenuated cabinet. An "On Board" electronic control platform built into the boiler cabinet allows simple, yet effective control of both space-heating and domestic water settings.

The Onex's patented tri-parallel flow stainless steel heat exchangers and pre-mix air/gas fuel modulation system offer full flow thru the unit with low pressure drop. Its low restriction mesh burner and negative pressure gas valve allow up to a 5:1 modulation sequence for capacity turndown providing optimal combustion for the highest operating efficiencies.

This product is ENERGY STAR® certified. Click to learn more.
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