Small, Versatile and Powerfull...

The Ultimate Compact Space Heater
Our Hide-A-Vector3 provides more heat in less space while offering enhanced features, including a two-speed fan control, a small footprint and a totally enclosed housing. All of these make Hide-A-Vector3 the ideal choice when space prohibits the installation of traditional baseboard.

Choose the Model that Best Meets Your Needs
Hide-A-Vector3 is UL listed and is a vailable in two sizes. Model 48 produces 4800 BTU/Hr. and is ideal for normal heating requirements. Model 88 produces 8800 BTU/Hr. and is designed for greater heating loads. These units provide coverage for a wide array of heating needs.

Two Speed Control for Added Flexibility
With its choice of low and high speeds, Hide-A-Vector3 offers flexibility in selecting your comfort level. Choose either the quieter low speed or the full output high speed. A typical bathroom can be heated using the low speed setting on the model 48 (HAV-48-3).

Enclosed Housing Adds Protection
Hide-A-Vector3 has a new, totally enclosed housing of thick galvanized steel, which protects its components during installation and operation. This rugged housing also helps to reduce noise.

Simplified Economical Installation
Each Hide-A-Vector3 is shipped ready for easy installation. Just connect the 1⁄2" copper supply inlet and the return outlet to the hot water heating system and then connect the wires from the factory-supplied junction box to normal 120 volt household wiring. That’s all it takes, fast and easy.

Install It Virtually Anywhere
With its sleek, self-contained housing and small footprint, the Hide-A-Vector3 is ideal for installation under kitchen cabinets, beneath bathroom vanities, in stair risers, in front of sliding glass doors or even bookcases. Hide-A-Vector3’s ease of installation also makes it the ideal choice to heat finished basements, attic room additions, entranceways, mud rooms, workshops and laundry rooms.

Fully Automatic Operation
A thermostatically controlled motor starts the blower as soon as hot water begins flowing through the Hide-A-Vector3 heating coil. As an integral part of the central hot water system, Hide-A-Vector3 can either be piped as part of a baseboard circuit or zoned individually.