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Today’s high efficiency modulating boilers are designed to operate in a condensing mode for optimal energy efficiency. Simply replacing an older boiler with a new unit is not enough.

Traditional hot water heating systems are designed around temperatures above that of condensing applications and do not see the low supply and return water temperatures necessary for maximum efficiency.

Typical hot water baseboard radiation systems use standard supply water temperatures of 180° which is circulated through the copper and aluminum fin tube piping arrangement to heat the desired space and returns back to the boiler at approximately 160° (20° Delta T). This standard operating configuration leaves boiler operation above that of a true condensing mode thus limiting the efficiency potential of today’s modern boiler equipment.

Synergy, Designline’s new low temperature baseboard allows today’s modern high efficiency modulating boilers to operate at their full potential maximizing system efficiency providing building owners with all the cost-saving benefits of their new condensing boiler.

Clean and Green
Synergy baseboard radiation uses standard hydronic fin-tube to provide clean uniform heat and its low temperature design maximizes boiler system efficiency resulting in more useful energy at less of a cost. Get more, Pay less!

Low Cost Alternative
Low temperature baseboard is the cost saving alternative to expensive radiant floor, panel radiators and ceiling applications and is the perfect complement for today’s high efficiency modulating boiler equipment.

Healthy Hydronic Comfort
Hydronic heating provides the most comfortable and efficient method of heating available. Hydronic systems are versatile and easily zoned for individual comfort while maintaining balanced humidity levels. Hydronic systems do not use fans that can circulate dust and allergens causing unhealthy living environments for all occupants.

Installation Friendly
Synergy low temperature baseboard radiation installs just like traditional fin-tube radiation. No special tools, no secret techniques. Simply put…..installation is easy!

Made in the USA