You Can't Find a Better Baseboard!

Panel-Track Hydronic baseboard, the choice of today’s heating professional, is ideal for any type of residential or light commercial application. The result of over 40 years of hydronic finned-tube experience Panel-Track’s durable yet aesthetically appealing design offers customers one of the cleanest and efficient hydronic baseboards on the market.

Durable Galvanized Steel Enclosure
The rugged enclosure is manufactured of galvanized steel and stands up to the scratches and dings associated with flimsy competitive models. Panel-Track is built to last and designed to perform.

Aesthetically Pleasing
Offering a modern, streamlined design that blends seamlessly with any type of decor. All finishing accessories including end-caps snap securely into place without the need for additional hardware while maintaining “ease of access” for cleaning and servicing.

Adjustable Damper
Customize heat output with Panel-Track’s finger-touch damper can be opened and closed without the use of hinges which can bind or loosen with age.

Hanger Brackets with Built-In Return
Extra strength hanger brackets allow copper return lines to be installed right in the bracket, eliminating hard-to-use hanging hooks or wires and facilitate easy improvement or relocation along the back panel.

Efficient Heating Element Design
Embassy’s user-friendly element design uses an “Open Box” fin design that prevents fin edges from contacting one another. The boxed and serrated aluminum fins increase radiating surface while directing and increasing convection. Panel-Track’s glide shoes allow the heating elements to expand and contract smoothly and quietly.

Made in the USA