The Ultimate In Radiant Heat.

The concept of radiant heat is simple. Embassy’s flexible, cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) tubing is installed in the floor, wall or ceiling. Heated water is then circulated throughout this tubing network, transforming the surface area into a warm radiator. The result is truly remarkable. Radiant heat warms people and objects, not air, so you experience a warmth similar to that of the sun’s rays. You are surrounded with even, consistent heat from floor to ceiling. Radiant heat offers you several distinct advantages over forced-air systems:

  • Radiant heat stays near the floor, providing barefoot comfort on even the coldest of winter days
  • Radiant heat is consistent and even
  • Radiant Heat PEX Tubing and Components
  • Radiant heat is ideal for interior decorating because there are no forced-air vents to consider when designing rooms
  • Radiant heat offers customized comfort levels and settings
  • Radiant heat is quiet, clean and dust-free

With its superior technological design and high quality components, your Embassy radiant heating system is sure to provide you with efficient, reliable and comfortable heating for years to come.

Flexibility is the Key
Embassy’s PEX tubing is designed to fit anywhere you need heating, regardless of the configuration of your room or area. Our unique support plates and channels simplify installation while saving you time and money.

In the Floor...
In basement or slab floors, the tubing is encased in cement. In suspended floors, the tubing is secured by our unique tube support channels and encased in a lightweight cement pour. The tubing can also be installed either above the subfloor, using metal snap plates, or under the floor, using our specially designed support plates.

Under the Floor...
The tubing can be affixed to the bottom of a subfloor between floor joists to heat the room above. Using Embassy’s exclusive extruded snap plates, peak performance is assured. For less demanding requirements the tubing can be affixed to the subfloor using custom fitted staples and or reflector snap plates.

In the Driveway or Walkway...
When installed outdoors, radiant heat offers you unparalleled convenience and safety. Radiant heat is ideal for melting ice and snow in driveways, sidewalks, ramps and parking areas for residential, commercial or industrial applications.